Lop eared lovelies

Oo, I found some bunnies lying around!


Funny Farm 2016

I had some great days this year at the annual Funny Farm summer festival. 
Here's the stuff I produced.

- - - - -

- - - - -


Summer Cleaning

By tradition, more little things I found around.

- - - - -

From a big black book

I opened up an old sketchbook and found some fun stuff.


People on the bus

People on the bus. Dee-do-dee-do-dae.

Demolition is about people

I got to do silly drawings for a video about environmentally sound, risk free demolition.

It's entirely in Danish, but there's some music too.
And here's a few sketches and preliminary takes on the illustrations.




Here's a bunch of goofy personalities from my sketchbook.

Developers developers developers developers

I was in San Francisco during GDC this year. 
I got some sketches of fellow developers.