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The Little Black Book

Sketchbook from a while back, in which I tried sticking to black markers.

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No Pants Day

Merith didn't get the no pants memo


On Crummy Sketchbooks

I like taking a stack of old A4 printed sheets, or alternatively some A3 sheets ripped in half, and folding it once and stapling it together, creating a rubbish A5 sketchbook.

Onto the pages of a thing like this I have absolutely no scruples spewing my very crummiest of drawings.

It's an easy way to achieve the reckless state of mind that lets me experiment and really empty out the back of my mind.

Made from misprinted sheets of No Fear Shakespeare's summary of Macbeth, here's the stuff I liked the most:


Character Design Class, September 2013

(Apologies for my abysmal photography/editing skills in this collage)

I taught one week of character design back in September.
Final assignment was turning an existing character of theirs into the favorite animal of a classmate.

They really picked up the gauntlet, and I had a great time working on these with them.

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From earlier in the week,
adaptions of the Flight of The Conchords cast for a nineties Cartoon Network show.

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Awesome as they were, the students tasked ME with working over the design of an old character of mine.

Unfortunately, what followed went out of hand before it really went anywhere.

Oh dear.

It Came from the Desk

It came from the desk


Deal With It

I sat across from Maja and Sergey on a lovely boat trip a few weeks back.


Tree Time

Some cutesy forest motifs

Desk Vs. Drawer

A bit from the desk

And a bit from the drawer



Doodles from beach cabin with family.

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