Guest book galore

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More drawings of mine from the get-togethers at The Funny Farm, that I managed to glean from people's oftentimes themed guestbooks during my more anti-social and egocentric bouts this summer.


Kappa girl

I went to Japan in September, and drawings from there will show up.

But for now here's a kappa girl i drew on the flight home.


Wynona in the Clay

In a fit of recklessness I commissioned a sculpt of one of my five-minute morning sketches from the extraordinarily gifted Morten Lassen

He spent so much time with her that he had to ask me her name, and first thing that came to my mind was Wynona. I'm absolutely stoked with how she came out, it's a silly design but he made it work!


Nice Lizard logos

Logo designs for Nice Lizard


In Need of Service

Here's a few things I drew while spending time with the family by the sea.


Community Service

Sketches from local retail association's meeting on town center initiatives.


On the topic of censorship

I do occasionally enforce self censorship.

My methods leave most of the girls to prefer nudity however.




No Man's Land

Quick concepts for a game pitch.



Shrug Art

Shrug kids from Alina Constantin's Shrug Island.


Wii U #1

First stuff painted on the Wii U. Was fun!

Art Academy Sketchpad is a very delightful painting app by Headstrong.

The black beauty is part of a slew of feisty women I drew over the course of two days.
It was last spring, and I just stayed inside and thought of The Reward.


I didn't hit the original sketch right on the mark, as I had to trace it by eye.
Leaving out her bizarre weapon was a bad choice in hindsight.