Angry Beatniks

Todays morning exercise resulted in some rather spiffy beatniks.


Tough Mechanic

This is yet another paint-up of an old tough girls drawing.


Anne is Graduating

My significant other is graduating from the Animation Workshop

She's a terrific animator.


Christmas presents for the family

I decided to draw some stuff for the family this Chrsitmas.
My nephew is four and likes both minions and ponies.

Next year I'll stick to pencil. Ink and color is hard. 

Buttstone Returns

This is all the stuff I've been meaning to sift through to look for more drawings for this blog.
Hopefully I'll be getting somewhere with that soon.

- - - - -

 On a loosely related note, I gathered all the drawings that Steffen had left around our flat over the years, so I could return them to him. Took a while.


Life drawing on DS and character art

Happy New Year

Here's some life drawing I did on the DS, along with a little character painting I've had around on it that I just got around to finishing.